Karluk Siberian Huskies



We are not breeders, we will happily give help and advice to anyone that asks. If you are thinking of adding a Siberian Husky to your family please research the breed thoroughly. This wonderful working breed is not to be taken on board lightly, learn all you can about them, they have traits that you may not be happy to live with.


About Me

My love for the Siberian husky began in 1978 when i was in  Maynard Boston U.S.A. I was staying with my aunt at the time, she had  huskies & her neighbour also owned one , well i was well & truly hooked, these dogs were just wonderful. I have been passionate about the breed ever since.

I currently own seven Siberian Huskies, they are Hush, Cub ,Ice ,Honey ,Buck, Geri and Obi

The dogs come with me every day, they love to travel in our van. They have a huge barn where they can run freely & safely & a secure paddock where they enjoy playing & digging holes.Siberian huskies should never be allowed off the lead unless in a secure area.

Throughout the year we attend charity events helping to raise money for good causes & bringing a smile to lots of faces when they"hug a husky". At Christmas time  the K9 sulky is transformed into a sleigh and we visit schools etc to give sleigh rides to children. We have visited a pack of brownies, a young farmers club ,lots of fetes & events  explaining the history of the breed & the  ups & downs  etc of owning a Siberian Husky.                 







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